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  • National Institute for Health Research

Share & Manage

Once you’ve found and appraised useful and relevant evidence, we encourage you to share it so it can be stored, retrieved and re-used.

Sharing work means quicker and easier access to relevant evidence (when and where you need it) for policy-makers, commissioners and other health practitioners in the West of England, with the overall aim of improving organisational performanc

Submit Information or Request Evidence Summaries

  • Do you have evidence to share with other commissioners across the West of England?
  • Are you interested in finding particular evidence through our sharing service?

Email us at evaluation.weahsn@nhs.netwith full contact details and your request.

To support access of new research findings and promote ‘research informed commissioning’ and ‘commissioning informed research’, a Knowledge Mobilisation (KM) initiative is evolving in Bristol. This originated as a small team of academics and commissioning managers (the KM Team – visit their website) co-ordinated by BNSSG Research and Evidence Team and the University of Bristol and is now expanding to include University of the West of England and embraces other KM-related roles.