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  • Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group Research and Evidence Team
  • West of England Academic Health Science Network

Share & Manage

Once you’ve found and appraised useful and relevant evidence, we encourage you to share it so it can be stored, retrieved and re-used.

Sharing work means quicker and easier access to relevant evidence (when and where you need it) for policy-makers, commissioners and other health practitioners in the West of England, with the overall aim of improving organisational performance.

Submit information or request evidence summaries

  • Do you have evidence to share with other commissioners across the West of England?
  • Are you interested in finding particular evidence through our sharing service?

Email us at with full contact details and your request.

We are currently developing more information and advice on the ways evidence can be shared and managed between commissioners at a local and national level and welcome your feedback and suggestions to inform these developments.

To support access of new research findings and promote ‘research informed commissioning’ and ‘commissioning informed research’, a Knowledge Mobilisation (KM) initiative is evolving in Bristol. This originated as a small team of academics and commissioning managers (the KM Team – visit their website) co-ordinated by BNSSG Research and Evidence Team and the University of Bristol and is now expanding to include University of the West of England and embraces other KM-related roles. Refer to the Evidence Culture page for more details of these roles.

Case study: Referral management strategies

Referral management strategies

This case study follows the 5 step process for accessing and using evidence in response to a request from commissioners to identify strategies for referral management to reduce unnecessary referrals.

See full case study