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Improving the quality of care and outcomes for patients is a priority for the NHS.

Show me the Evidence!

Watch this short video highlighting the impact of finding and using evidence, where to look to find it, and real world top tips from NHS healthcare professionals from the West of England.

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Evaluation Online Network

Join a virtual group for anyone interested in evidence and evaluation. The network offers peer support, evaluation tenders and jobs, and a place for Q&A.

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What is Evidence?

Start your journey by finding out about the different types of evidence you can use to inform your services

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Thank you to Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners for supporting the development of the Evaluation and Evidence Toolkits. This includes commissioners, service improvement leads, GPs and practice managers from Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group; Bristol Public Health (Bristol City Council), South Gloucestershire Public Health (South Gloucestershire Council) and North Somerset Public Health (North Somerset Council); Primary Care Library Services (North Bristol Trust), University of Bristol, NIHR ARC West, University of the West of England, Bristol Partners Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC), and the West of England Academic Health Science Network. We would also like to thank everyone who was involved in the testing of this tool – your views were invaluable to shaping its direction.