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Event rate

The proportion of patients in a group in whom an event is observed.


Adjective describing something that makes observations intelligible and understandable.

Forrest plot

A diagrammatic representation of the results of individual trials in a meta-analysis.

Funnel plot

A method of graphing the results of trials in a meta-analysis to show if the results have been affected by publication bias.

Google Scholar

Provides a search of scholarly literature from one place across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.

Health Business Elite

Database of journal content detailing all aspects of healthcare administration, and other non-clinical aspects of health care institution management including hospital management, hospital administration, marketing, human resources, computer technology, facilities management and insurance from 1922 to present (updates not stated). Access via NICE Journals and Databases

Health Foundation

The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve  the quality of healthcare in the UK.  It conducts research and evaluation, puts ideas into practice through a range of improvement programmes, supports and develops leaders, and shares evidence to drive wider change.  Its work is centred on two priority areas – patient safety and person-centred care.

Health Integration Team (HITS)

Local cross-organisational and interdisciplinary groups tackling major health priorities by working together in an integrated way.


In systematic reviews, the amount of incompatibility between trials included in the review, whether clinical (i.e. the studies are clinically different) or statistical (i.e. the results are different from one another).

Historically Controlled Study

A control study recruiting control subject(s) for whom data was collected before the time data was gathered on the group being studied.


The Health Management Information Consortium (HMIC) database is a compilation of data from two sources, the Department of Health’s Library and Information Services and King’s Fund Information and Library Service. The majority of records are from 1983 onwards, although coverage of departmental materials dates back to 1919. Available via NHS Evidence Services.

Inception cohort study

A group of individuals identified for subsequent study at an early, uniform point in the course of the specified health condition, or before the condition develops.