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Guide to Secondary Data Sources

Decision Making Questions Types of Information and Evidence Sources Checklist • Strategic / Business Planning / commissioning decisions • Project work and pilots • Individual Funding Reviews 1. What are my information and evidence needs? 2. What is the strength,... Read more

Quick Guide to Types of Data

Type of Data Detail Qualitative Uses narrative or descriptive data rather than numbers. For example, a description of the views and attitudes of those receiving/providing a service.  Quantitative Gives numerical results. For example, the percentage of participants completing a programme. ... Read more

Guide to Questionnaires for Service Evaluation

Introduction This guide has been designed to be used for reference if you are considering using any form of questionnaire in your service evaluation. If you are in the BNSSG area please register your survey activity with the BNSSG R&E... Read more

Data Collection Decision Tree

To help you decide how to collect the information or data you need to support your evaluation the following decision tree can help.  Think about the types of information you need and then use this as the starting point to... Read more

Guide to Resources

Resources – Staff, Equipment and Funding It is important to consider what resources are required for the evaluation from the outset. This may need to be reviewed throughout the planning process. The resource requirements will be informed by the type... Read more

Quick Guide to Evaluation Approaches

Which type of evaluation approach should I use? There are a number of different types of evaluation, the most widely used are formative, process and summative (outcome) evaluation.  The following information provides you with a guide to the types pf... Read more

Evaluation Planning Tool

Evaluation Planning Template This template sets out the key elements to consider when planning your evaluation.  Don’t forget to build the evaluation into your project plans and processes as much as possible.  Make sure it is feasible and utilises appropriate... Read more

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Assess Tools

Resource 1. Do I need to do an evaluation? Evaluation requires an investment of time, money and resources and so before you begin you need to assess whether you an evaluation is of value before making this investment. The following... Read more

Guide to Aims and Objectives

Setting Aims and Objectives It is important to get your aims and objectives right at the outset as this will guide your evaluation design. Involving key stakeholders in setting the aims and objectives of the evaluation helps elicit buy-in; promotes... Read more