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Access How do I access the evidence? Who can help me? Accessing evidence Once you have refined your question to help inform your search terms (see PICO under Step 1 of the Evidence Cycle –  Identify  ) you can begin the... Read more


Identify  What is the question I want to answer? What are my evidence needs to help answer it? Before you start a search for evidence it is a good idea to clarify the problem or question that you want to... Read more

Evidence cycle

This evidence cycle provides a visual representation of the key steps that you need to consider when incorporating best available evidence into commissioning decision-making. It complements   the process of commissioning that guides the development and delivery of strategic plans in... Read more


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Thank you to Our Partners We would like to thank our partners for supporting the development of the Evaluation and Evidence Toolkits. This includes commissioners, service improvement leads, GPs and practice managers from Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, North Somerset Clinical... Read more