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There are excellent resources available locally, nationally and internationally that can help you with your evaluation needs.

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Evidence checklist

Your helpful checklist for accessing and using evidence Identify the problem or question you are seeking to answer – and have…

Using research guide from the Alliance for Useful Evidence

A guide to collecting, working with and presenting a strong evidence base using existing research. Produced by Nesta’s Innovation Skills team.

Health Innovation West of England Evidence Repository

Find and safely share non-peer reviewed documents that are not published elsewhere – helping to promote a culture of shared learning and collaboration.

AACODS checklist (Authority, Accuracy, Coverage, Objectivity, Date, Significance) for evaluating grey literature

The AACODS checklist is designed to enable evaluation and critical appraisal of grey literature.

Lancaster University on grey literature

Grey literature section of the Lancaster University library.

NHS Knowledge and Library Hub

High quality, NHS-funded, knowledge and evidence resources.

NICE: Evidence and best practice resources

This resource is for anyone who works in health and social care and makes decisions about treatments, interventions, or the use of resources.

Identifying the evidence: literature searching and evidence submission

A guide to systemic literature searches and identifying evidence. Excerpt from the NICE Social Care Guidance Manual.

Cochrane Library

A collection of databases that contain high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Commissioning Elf

An evidence-based information source for health and social care professionals working in the area of commissioning and provision of care services.