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There are excellent resources available locally, nationally and internationally that can help you with your evaluation needs.

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Alcohol-related malnutrition

This local case study illustrates the value of evidence in helping reduce inequalities in health and improve health outcomes.

What is health evidence?

This 3½-minute video highlights the impact of finding and using evidence. It covers where to look for evidence and top tips from commissioners and GP Clinical Evidence Fellows.

Cochrane training: accessible introduction to health evidence

A free online resource introducing health evidence and how to use it to make informed health choices.

Using research guide from the Alliance for Useful Evidence

A guide to collecting, working with and presenting a strong evidence base using existing research. Produced by Nesta’s Innovation Skills team.

How do I get started with searching for evidence?

A 10-minute video presenting the essential techniques for evidence searches.

How can I find grey literature?

A 6-minute podcast introducing what grey literature is and how to find it.

Health Innovation West of England

Health Innovation West of England is a network encouraging and promoting innovation in healthcare.

NIHR Applied Research Collaboration West (ARC West)

NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) West conducts applied health research with our partners and others in the health and care sector, alongside patients and members of the public.

Health library and information services directory

A comprehensive directory of health libraries and information services across the UK.

Bristol Health Partners - Health Integration Teams

Health Integration Teams are set up to improve care in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. They work across our partnership to tackle some of the critical health and care challenges people in our region face.